Hi ya'll,
I am from the Houston area, over 50.

I have done Atkins and lost 20, but gained. Did hCG and lost 15, but gained. The wheels fell off of my wagon. Still follow a little, but need to kick it up and get that wagon fixed.

I do dairy, HWC for my coffee, cream cheese and all different kind of cheeses.

Yes, I drink coffee, wine & water

I am diabetic T2 and everything that goes with it. If I lose weight, I feel that I will be able to back off of all meds. Thyroid problems.

My favorite exercise is hand to mouth. I need to start walking, but feet hurt and I think I have a fracture (and have had it for a while). So, I need to lose the weight then I will be able to start the walking. I it is round and round loop, never ending excusing, BUT I do own up to and won't hide my flaws.

Eating out and booze will be a problem. And attempting to get my family on board will be very hard.

I have just started, so I don't know what if my fav, best or worst part. I reading all I can to learn all that I can. So I need a LOT of help.