Is it even working? I am on day 6 and I've had none of the die off symptoms except that I've been very cranky and at times hungry. I've also not had any relief from my allergies, which is why I am doing the diet. I had the allergies before I started (so has DH and DS, who is not on the diet). DH is having a similar experience: no digestive issues and still having intense allergies.

I'm getting very bored of the food and am tempted to quit. I want something I can sink my teeth into and CHEW. I'm making the food as tasty as possible w/in the perimeters, using fresh herbs and salt, but w/out lemons, night shades and all the other verboten foods I'm loosing interest in preparing meals. I'm a very experienced cook and do not mind taking the time to prepare meals but when the end result is meh, I loose my motivation.

One more complaint: the sour cream that I'm making didn't turn sour. I am using kefir grains that I got from our goat milk provider and the cream has been sitting out now with the grains for 36 hrs and it just tastes like cream. I made sour cream in the fall and it only took about 12 hrs.

Any experienced GAPers out there to talk me down? I dare not unburden my full annoyance to DH as he's been a real trooper on the diet, but he's also a sugar fiend and would jump ship if given half a chance.