Hi all,

Wanted to get the opinion of some experienced primal lifestylers on my workout/eating plan Ė feeling good and starting to lean out but a check in is always good.

27 years old, 80kg. Donít drink, donít smoke. I am obsessive by nature so follow my diet/workout structure to the letter. I have done martial arts for a long time, so have done the primal diet to get ready for fights on and off for years, also used to training hard and pushing my body.
On my current plan I do get hungry, a little flat now and then but overall I feel healthy and able to stay really active. My only induldgence is spurred by hunger and I go a bit crazy on the almond butter (half a jar crazy nearly every night)....I am assuming this is pointing to a deficit in my diet or over training? Please have a look over the following and let me know your thoughts!
- 3 poached eggs
- 5 strawberries + 5 tbsp seed mix (inc. Almonds/shredded coconut)
- 2 raw carrots
- 4 cups salad/1 cup chicken
- 1 small can tuna in springwater
- Whey Protein shake WPI
- Multi Vitamin, Vit C, Fish Oil
*Almond butter

Workout Plan
Weights (currently using Markís suggested weights workout: Squats, chip ups, shoulder press, bench press 5X8ís)
Sprints Ė 10X50m

Boxing morning class (skipping, 5X2 min bag work, ab work)
Boxing evening class (45 min total: skipping, focus mitts, intensity work, sparring, ab work etc.)
Boxing evening class

Boxing morning class
Evening walk

Boxing evening class