I am going to start this challenge January 7th and end it on June 30 ,2013. My husband and I will be doing this to prepare for a cruise we always go on in July. My MIL will be doing her own weight loss method so I am secretly hoping to blow her out of the water. She will be counting calories and probably doing low fat. Unfortunately the only way to change her mind is to show her. I know this is about a lifestyle change for the long haul but I do have goals in mind. I am about 90 pounds overweight and while I know it will take me awhile to lose the whole amount I hope to at least make headway. About 60 pounds and into single digit dress sizes. That would tickle me senseless. I am starting out with the whole30 program and going from there. I am going to put a monthly meal plan together with lunches and dinners that I can really focus on and switch it up from month to month. I really want to do this right and make a permanent shift in my eating behavior. I am really excited to chart my progress here. Thanks.