Happy New Year to all you wonderful people. What a great site this is, wtih all the knowledgable, helpful, supportive people.

No more non-functioning colon. After 7 weeks of this diet it started all by itself and it works like a hydraulic auger wtih a sledge hammer at the end. Ooooooh!

Here I was afraid that Iwas too old for simply a change of foods to have any effect. My miraid problems were getting so severe Ithought I'd rather die than live as I had been. Maybe it works at any age. Not only that, but I'm still gaining strength - I can do some simple stretches and the pain from my arthritic hip is gone - totally gone. (There is still some lack of mobility there.) All at once this all happened. Absolutely Fantastic!

But now I have another problem. Severe constipation. It took 3 hours and some blood.
I read through back threads on this and came up with the following, which I bought. Did I get the right ones?

C (as ascorbic acid) and Magnesium Citrate - increase until solved.
Kefir and Yogurt - but it is also said no dairy. Does no dairy mean only no cheese? "Cheese is binding" is an old-fashioned homily.
D3. I got 2000iu RAW from Vitamin Code.Kept Refrigerated.
Chocolate and fruits, especially prunes. (But dried fruits are not good - don't understand?) Dried apricots work well for me, but I went to 3 stores, one was Costco which always has them, and none had them.

Unfortunately right now I'm on an antibotic for an infected implant, so maybe i'll have to wait 10 days or so for the resutls to show.

With such success I'm going to be primal for life. Thanks to all of you and Mark Sisson.