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Thread: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face...

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    if i had kids with those cheeks i'd be baby talking while poking them so often, they'd bitchface me like crazy
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    My mother gave some good advice...

    "Never compare your children to each other. Even though they both come from the same loins, you will just have to accept that they are going to probably be as different as night and day. And the 'strategies' and 'goals' you learned the first time around? Fuggedaboudit. What works for one, very often doesn't work for another."

    Ah, parenthood. My mom says it's what REALLY taught her the meaning and value of diversity. I was a little shit to handle while my big sister was the straight A angel type.

    Best of luck to you in "Adventures of a Parent: Season 2!"

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    Ahh sooo adorable! That's so incredible being able to see them like that before they're born (Back when I was preggers we only had the regular old ultrasound thingy).

    As for comparing kids to each other, I think parents kind of do it by default . As long as there are no value judgements placed it's okay! (Nothing worse than comparing one child to his/her sibling to their face in an unfavourable manner!).

    My first two were sooo different... After having #1 I thought toilet training was the hardest thing in the world, but that teaching a kid to read was easy (in fact so easy, they just figure it out for themselves!). After #2 and #3 I realised that #1 was just different :P. Toilet training the others was a breeze... reading followed what seemed like a very frustrating path (what, you mean that most kids don't recognise a word after they've been shown it a single time and will know it forever more after that??!) which probably would have been less frustrating if I hadn't had #1 as an example.

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    so cute! both of them!
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    Oh Trish you have two cute girls!!! Much happiness to you guys.
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    What gorgeous girls!! How exciting to see her face before she's even arrived!

    I second what the other moms on this thread have said. I was told once that you're not really a parent until you have more than one. That's when you earn your wings with sibling interactions, watching how different they can be, coordinating a much busier life, learning to love them both despite themselves and their differences. I have two boys, now 23 and 20. Different as night and day. I used to say that nothing about raising Alex prepared me for raising Garnet...

    Congrats and all the best for the coming delivery!

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    When my son's (3 1/2 then) little sis was born he came to the hospital to say hello. Looked at the baby and decided "Yes, its a good one, lets take it and go home!" And he was soooo disappointed when I said No, we stay a few days here... Felt like a treachery. He had to go home but mum and baby stayed away from him, most probably having fun together.

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    Love those cheeks! They are both adorable. You are a blessed Mommy and they are blessed babies to have you
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    No comparing them personality wise, just looks. Annee never leaves me alone. Even when you think she's "sleeping" in there, you put her on ultrasound and she's STILL squirming. She never quits. Grace was a lot more mellow. Never really kicked. Just stretched and pushed. Annee has anger issues and will try to kill you for no reason, lol. She loves music (gets even wigglier when certain singers come on), and likes to try to break my right rib most days. The only thing that's similar between them (besides those cheeks, nose, and mouth) is Annee seems to be on an active/non active schedule in utero like Grace was. Super active for about 3 hours, then really quiet for 3 hours. It's the same times every day. Hoping she keeps it when she comes out cuz it's an awesome schedule (up and awake when we are in the morning, napping when Grace is at school, up and awake when she gets home, then back to sleep just in time to cook dinner).

    Today Grace asked how many weeks left until Annee comes. I told her "ONE!" and Nana is coming, too, shortly after. My poor husband isn't going to know what to do with all these raging female hormones!
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Squiiiiiishy cheeks
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