For a tea that's good for the tummy, you have choices. If you want t settle the stomach, go with peppermint/mint or chamomile. Red bush (aka roobois) will also work. If you want to stimulate digestion, go with ginger.

Fair warning -- if your problem is bloating/etc, ginger tea might make it worse. my body reacts badly to the "stimulating" because I generally bloat due to stress.

Second, go and look up fermented veggies -- it's a great way to get probiotics, nutrients, and a bit of veg (you actually don't eat that much. . . about two tbs a day. . . but it's easy to make. You can make salsas, saurkrauts, kim-chees, etc. Lots of different flavor profiles.

Third, in addition to FODMAPS, you might consider GAPS, but I would do it with a naturopath who understands both FODMAPS and GAPS to help you discover specifically what you need to do. My husband is paleo/modified GAPS for gut flora issues, and it's been night/day for him. Years of experimenting worked in some ways but not others. THe work with the naturopath has made a massive difference.