Hello all, my name is Dom and i'm new here

I've been looking at PB for a few weeks now, bought the book and read up on this site etc and i'm starting the "diet" on Wednesday. I've recently found out that I am a father-to-be and I'd really like to be in better shape for then as, no doubt, I will be very busy and will find it harder to stick to workout routines so progress may be slower for a while at that time.

I'm currently 200lbs, 5'10" and around 33% body fat By August (when the baby is due) I would like to around 168lbs but more importantly between 10-15% body fat. I will be sticking to a low carb intake between 50-80 and doing daily workouts and weights at home, as well as going for walks once a day and playing some indoor football once a week.

Does this seem like a realistic goal?