I am new to the forum. I started yesterday and removed all grains, sugars, dairy, legumes, coffee, most starchy veggies, and any high GI fruits from my diet. I have been eating pretty grain free for awhile so that part was not too hard. I also cut way back on coffee a few months ago, so again not too hard. The no dairy, sugar, and potatoes will be the hardest for me. I am already feeling the effects of the carb flu and pushing on through. I have 100+ pounds to loose. I also know my hormones are pretty out of wack and I would like to get pregnant in the next 2-3 years so I would like to get all of this under control. I started running in the fall but my weight really holds me back because it takes such a toll on my knees and other joints.

I am leading a group of people doing a 100 day challenge of eating Paleo/Primal. I plan to continue after that, but I figure 100 days will hopefully make it stick for me. I've read a lot and know many of the basics, but could always use lots of support.

Thanks so much!!