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Thread: Food too expensive ..

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    Food too expensive ..

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    I try to eat as good as possible but I'm finding I'm spending 100 pounds a week on food!

    I eat 4 meals a day because I'm lifting weights and trying to bulk.

    Salmon is 6 pounds... That's 4 slices which last 2 days for 2 meals.

    Chicken thighs are about 2.70 for 4.. That's 5.40 for 2 days for 2 meals.

    Steak, pork or beef are also expensive.

    Eggs are good because they're cheap an you can buy in bulk.

    What can I get rid of and start including as protein?


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    For one, you don't need to eat that often.
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    276 seems to have solid British-centric advice.

    But in general, maybe find some cheap sources of fat? Just from the above list you look pretty protein-heavy.

    I have found a price book also helps, you can easily compare oranges to oranges, and even apples to oranges, so to speak, if you have the price/lb or oz. all figured out. For example, I was buying some salami packages for my kid, but now that he's not such a fan of it, I'm buying more meat that isn't @ $11/lb (even grass-fed hotdogs are half that price!).

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    canned salmon and tuna
    potatoes/sweet potatoes
    ground beef
    whole chickens/turkeys/etc
    whole milk

    if youre trying to bulk, aim for 1-1.5 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. then 1.5-2 grams of carbs per lb of bodyweight. add fat accordingly. any more than this, and you're probably overeating.

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    Butter is not expensive fot its calories. Rice isn't either
    well then

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    Some things I do:

    Minced meat is really versatile - butchers and supermarkets often do deals on larger amounts. Buy liver (chicken has the mildest flavour), finely chop and add to mince when I make burgers, meatballs or bolognese sauce (have on veggies - not pasta, obviously!). V cheap and nutritious

    Shop in supermarkets close to closing time.

    Buy whole roasting joints, rather than pre-cut portions.

    Have a look at what deals my local supermarket is running before I go out to shop and base my list around that.

    Don't shun cheaper supermarkets: Lidl is great for tinned wild salmon (and probably tuna, but I don't like it), frozen grassfed lamb chops and sea food and had freerange goose and goose fat recently (might just be an Xmas thing!).

    Get the most out of all the meat you buy by making stock (bone broth) with the bones.

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    Get yourself to the butchers and fish stalls in the market - salmon and steaks are probably the priciest way to get your food. Go for mackerel, herring.....

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    Well we spend less than 100 quid a week and there is 5 of us, 2 adults, 11 yrs 4 yrs and 1 yrs. We shop at aldi for the most part and get a few odds and ends that they don't do from asda. We don't buy organic or free range (apart from free range eggs and sometimes a free range chicken). Plus I eat plenty.

    Protien for us is mince (less than 2 for 800g) chicken pieces, whole chickens and cheap cuts of pork, salmon, steak and lamb are rare treats, unless they are on short date. I eat offal too, cheap as owt, but the rest of the tribe don't really like it much.

    That's how we do primal and it works for us

    The 1 meals blog is good too - though I reckon you'll be looking at 2 meals for a decent bloke protion
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    I reckon about 120 a week for 5 of us - we do much the same as suggested above with one difference, which is that I buy my lamb and beef directly from the farmer in bulk and make use of my freezer. I then also get all the good fat and bones to render and turn into stock with can then be used to cook in, with and make soup from. I would definitely suggest cutting back on the protein and adding more fat! Offal is a good, cheap source of protein, and as Tribal Rob suggests, know when your local supermarket discounts things and be there - a good selection is frequently available.

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