There has been some talk about endurance sports and primal eating. I put it to the test for me this weekend. To perpare for a 100 mile Mountain bike race in Sept., we planned a 60 mile mountain bike ride yesterday. We thought the trip would take about 4-5 hours. The night before I ate a larger meal, and for breakfast I had 4 eggs, and some bacon.

Well, at about mile 40, I bonked. I got super hungry, and the power went out of my legs. I had two cherry pie Larabars in my pockets. I ate one, and then another one thrity minutes later, and my energy came back. I learned the limit of how far I can go with just primal foods, without supplemental food on the bike. I have been doing 40-50 mile road rides with no issues. Between now and Sept., I will have to figure out an eating plan that will get me through the 11 hour, 100 mile ride.

Has anyone else tested their limits of primal food in thier acitivty?