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    still, sparkling mineral waters

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    I'm curious if you drink mineral water, and which you prefer still or sparkling? My tap water here is not drinkable, and so I buy bottled water (in glass bottles) though as far as I can tell it has been completely stripped of any mineral content. It is 'dead' water. So, I buy imported mineral water from Italy or France. It's not cheap, but I don't mind if it's doing me some good. The thing is... is it?

    I tend to drink sparkling with a dash of fresh lime or lemon. It feels like more of a 'treat' than still water. However, I'm concerned about the amount of carbonation - is it OK to drink it all day every day, or should it be treated as a 'treat'.

    I started buying 'Voss' water - got seduced by the sexy bottle and the clean Norwegian water taste. On reading the website though, it looks like it doesn't have a high mineral content and has added sodium-bicarb for fizz! (I may as well be drinking tap water, no?)

    I now prefer Gerolstein, Perrier, St. Bernadetto, or San Peligrino. I think all of them add 'added fizz' in various ways. But I believe that Gerolstein has the highest mineral content. So I've switched over to that now.

    Thoughts on mineral water?
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    If I'm out working, then I usually get Perrier. It's easier to find at convenience stores all over the place.

    For home, I get the cheapo stuff, the 12-pack of Kroger brand sparkling seltzer water in 12oz cans.
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    I think the mineral content is insignificant for the amount of money. I'd rather buy supplements. Tap for me all the way.
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    I mostly drink unsweetened tea these days. If I am out I might get a bottle of sparkling water, but I don't worry about getting any sort of "premium" brand.

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    I like Pelegrino with a squeeze of lime.

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    Any brand of sparkling....with a chunk of lime in it...

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    Find a local well or artesian spring!

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    Gotta have fizz or I start craving the soda. I will drink tap with various citrus pieces in the middle of summer but the rest of the time I get Perrier.

    If you can swing Costco they have flats of 17 oz bottles. That cuts costs quite a bit for me. My co-op carries Crystal Geyser brand fizzy water that is really good too. Might check the mineral content on that.

    I also like unsweetened teas (black or green none of that fruity nonsense). But when I'm truly thirsty tea doesn't cut it. Plus I have a tendency to add sugar to tea... something I've never done to Perrier.

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    Not a fan of sparkling water (though I do like flavored seltzer). I drink water through the filter in the my fridge or otherwise a Brita filter.
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    For those interested in REAL quality water...

    THE BEST SPRING WATER TO DRINK... (With Vodka) #394 - YouTube (I love this guy's musings on primal nutrition and other related issues) – Online Spring Database

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