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Thread: Shangri-La Diet - setpoint success at last

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    I'm guessing you're a fellow Canuck since you went to Cuba? I normally don't gain weight in all-inclusives either, nor did I gain anything this summer when I was out of the country for 3 months and all I did was walk a lot and do a bit of yoga in my room (and I was in France of all places and did not deprive myself of cheese and pastries, lemme tell ya). I've been doing the oil shots on and off the last couple of weeks - the scale ain't moving but I think the fat on my tummy and thighs is shifting slightly. My mind could be playing tricks on me though, so I don't know. In any case, I'm mindful of my calories and doing the shots when I feel I need them. Steady as she goes.......
    Yep, I am in Calgary Fingers crossed for you!

    And, nothing ever comes off from where you want it to first for crying out

    For me, in order:

    back fat
    forearms (what?)
    sidecar timmy and tommy ("lovehandles")

    SO annoying, but, whatever works.

    Just *love* the forearms though. Please, they're already
    only 9 inches around to begin with. Gimme a break.
    You are so on it, Julie! It always sits where you want it the least! Stupid fat! though I am now having a priveledge of having belly fat. Never had it before. I am trying to tell myself it's uterus, LOL, but yeah, it's fat.
    My Journal:
    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

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    I know! So annoying!

    My mother always used to say, with regard to fat gain:

    "first on, last off"

    And it's so damn true (darn her!), and quite the reason
    that when one DOES try something new eating wise, you
    really need to stick with it for a good long time to see if
    it works or not.

    I didn't even NOTICE the back fat going until I put my
    Super Serious Sports Bra on and could put it on the
    inner most hooks.

    I had to take it off and look at it to make sure it was
    the right one.


    I totally crashed and burned at "doing nothing" the rest of the
    day yesterday.

    I had so much damn energy that I cleaned my kitchen within an inch
    of it's life (two hours) and then the family room too.

    Bodybugg said I burned 2600 calories and I had 15K steps in.....

    Today is going to be incredibly low key though because I have
    a headache because my stupid mother effing, G-D period is effing
    8 days early!

    No WONDER I wanted to slap the snot out of my husband last night.

    I always know SOMETHING is up when he annoys me, cuz he never does.

    We're total besties and never fight or anything but last night every single
    thing he did infuriated me.

    And, well, now I know why. Grumble, grumble. Not fair.

    Last three months were spot on (har har) at 28 days, but this one, 21.


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    Checking in with this thread to say hi and I hope everyone is doing well!

    Also, something new to report: my daily calorie needs have steadily gone up in the past couple of months. Remember how I was suddenly feeling hungry again a while ago, so I increased my calories and the AS kicked in again? Well, imagine that same phenomenon, only on a more constant basis. I've now increased my food calories to 1500-1600 per day, with the same 300 calories coming from my oil shot. And guess what? I'm still losing.

    My calorie intake is now closer to the "correct" level for my activity level. According to the various calculators out there, my BMR is around 1500 and my TDEE is around 2200. When I started this journey back in December, eating 1200 food calories plus 300 oil calories per day was the only way I could lose weight. I was basically eating AT my BMR, which for someone who does Crossfit 5x/week is crazy low, but it's the only way my body would let go of fat. Since I've been doing the Shangi-La Diet, the caloric intake at which my body would let go of fat has steadily increased. A couple weeks ago, I was eating 1300 calories per day, and started feeling really tired, run-down, wasn't sleeping well, and my muscles were too sore--classic signs of overtraining. I decided to bump my calories way up, as an experiment, with my hypothesis being: Is my metabolism actually functioning normally now, and can I actually start eating at a level to fuel my workouts and forget about fat loss? In the past, eating at a level to fuel my workouts meant either maintaining or gaining fat. But now, I'm hitting a total of 1800-1900 cal/day, and my BF% is still dropping, and my workouts have been going SO WELL.

    I know this is all completely unscientific, but I seriously believe that the SLD has fixed my metabolism. It used to be that I'd plug in my numbers to the calculators, and they'd spit out a calorie level that was supposed to make me lose weight, and it'd be a good 500 calories above my actual weight-loss point. Now, my numbers are where they're SUPPOSED to be. My body is finally behaving the way science says it should. I cannot even begin to express what a huge deal this is for me. I feel like I've unlocked the secret to getting the body I want, not only fat-loss-wise, but also workout-fuel-wise. I'm so thrilled.

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    Wow! Great report, heatseeker! Thanks for the caloric detail. I always knew there was something effective about the SLD approach, even if it hadn't been fully explained yet. What great results!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marthat View Post
    Wow! Great report, heatseeker! Thanks for the caloric detail. I always knew there was something effective about the SLD approach, even if it hadn't been fully explained yet. What great results!
    Uh-oh, I'm sensing that your wheels are turning now! IF+potato+SLD oil may be on to something big! Work it, girl...

    Heatseeker - great job, this thread started out kind of hokey, but I think there really is something to SLD. Glad you kept it up.

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    Wow heatseaker! Great check in!

    Can you provide us with more details as to your current weight, activity level and your macro nutrient intake grams (not including and including the oil shots)?


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    I currently do 3x/wk Crossfit, 2x/week heavy lifting class, and 2-3x/week hot yoga (I had to cut down on yoga a little bit because my muscles weren't recovering fully).

    I eat between 1500 and 1600 calories per day (not counting SLD oil). Macros fluctuate a bit based on what I eat, but I try to hit carb and protein targets and let fat resolve itself as it will, because I'm getting extra fat anyway from the oil shots. I try to hit 100g carbs and 120g protein, and I usually fall pretty close to those targets. I also try to backload most of my carbs at the end of the day. This means a sweet potato and some fruit with dinner.

    A typical day (and this is pretty consistent, as I like to eat mostly the same things all the time) looks like this:

    7am - Coffee
    8:30am - Workout w/BCAAs in my water
    9:30am - Post-workout shake of whole milk, whey protein, berries, flax meal, 1tsp fish oil, beets, and greens
    1pm - Lunch of some meat, some avocado, and some kind of greens like a salad or steamed kale
    3pm - SLD oil (I now do 2tbsp ELOO all in one dose)
    6-7pm - Dinner of meat, greens, sweet potato with butter, usually fruit and greek yogurt for dessert, another 1tsp of fish oil
    (On yoga days I eat an earlier dinner at 5pm, go to class at 7pm, and have a snack like fruit or bone broth when I get back)

    I have occasional cheats on weekends like ice cream and tacos. The only food I avoid like the plague is wheat.

    My current weight as of this morning is 151 even, my BF is at 24%, and my waist has gone down another inch to 28".

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    Uh-oh, I'm sensing that your wheels are turning now! IF+potato+SLD oil may be on to something big! Work it, girl...
    Yeah, I've thought of all that, but the interesting thing is that when on all potatoes, I a) don't want to add fat to my all-potato regimen and b) find that I don't really need it. The potatoes seem to have an appetite suppressing effect of their own, and it's not just a boredom factor, as I don't really get all that bored (after all, I'm eating a regular supper every night).

    SLD is another tool in the arsenal. Right now, I'm rocking the potatoes and that's good enough for me.

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    I took a couple of weeks off taking the oil shots, noticed a slight change in my appetite, back on em again now though. Managed to break an 18mth stall by losing a pound and still sat ther, which I am pleased with. Continuing with the primal way of eating too, my hubby has lost 28lb since the new year by eating this way!

    Not exercising as I'm recovering from an op, but when I'm allowed will start off with walking and build myself back up to going to my local boxing gym again! I'm really looking forward to that! Un the meantime, I'd like to shift some more weight!
    Compared to you I'm a real!

    Please keep posting your updates as I enjoy reading and learning from them...

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    i'm glad to read the update because I was thinking about you earlier today and wondering how it was going!

    It was no surprise to me that you dropped the number of yoga classes down to 2-3/wk. I've often had this situation where I had to decide where my focus was going to be because giving 100% energy/focus to everything was really challenging.

    I've been through phases where I focused on weight training, and so I had to decrease the frequency of vigorous forms of yoga (and increase more passive forms), and other times where I focused on building the more vigorous forms of yoga, and so I had to back off on the weight training.

    Right now, I'm just focusing on getting my posture right (working with a physio on postural patterning. it's awesome!), so my yoga and pilates practices are focused there, and I'm doing mobility work and some modest body-weight work so long as I can maintain my posture. It's done *wonders* for my body overall. But man, it's amazing how just "standing there properly" can both make you sweat an dmake you sore for days!

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