I hesitated to post a thread about this because I feel like these forums have been overrun with "fad" diets and hacks lately--and because it's honestly so bizarre-sounding that I feel a little silly admitting it--but my success on the Shangri-La Diet has been such that I felt I should share. I've had serious body fat setpoint issues since, oh, college, I guess--six years--and after watching my setpoint slowly creep up throughout my 20s with absolutely NOTHING making any difference, I'm finally losing weight steadily. I've lost 13lb and it's still coming off like clockwork. Nothing else in my diet or exercise regimes changed, and I've experienced no strength losses (I've continued to make gains, actually).

I use refined coconut oil, 2tbsp/day. I was using unrefined at first but the flavor was too strong.

Has anyone else done the SLD, and had success? I just felt like I should spread the word, because I know there are some other setpoint-challenged people on these forums, and this has been a big breakthrough for me.