I tried doing Mark's suggested fitness program as listed in the free e-book.
Well a few things: planks; sitting on my elbows like that feels really bad. My elbows can't reach a full 180 degree extension and that seems to be a source for a few nerve compression-like symptoms (annoying tingling and such).
Furthermore, the extremely high reps, squat for 50 and so on make me sick. After 1 cycle I couldn't go any further, and I feel like I'm doing an aerobic workout and not a strength workout.
The substitutes to push-ups and so (if you can't do 50 pushups do incline pushups) just doesn't feel well on my wrists, and I don't perform any better in the easier variations in comparison to the normal variations.

I'm sure Mark's program is good, but I don't think it goes well with my body. I just can't stand endurance training, and I feel it's holding me back A LOT if I go over 15 reps.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Thanks in advance.