I am just wondering what most primal lifters read and get their inspiration and influence for their workouts.

Here are some of mine:

leangains.com - The leangains diet
- I recommend this article here on Reverse Pyramid: Reverse Pyramid Revisited | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health

kinobody.com - Young guy who has really nice workouts and I recommend it to any young college guy looking to achieve six pack abs

fitnessblackbook.com - Rusty does not update his blog much but I think he is very knowledgeable on weightlifting
crudefitness.com - incredible layout and he is very great at disproving fitness myths and is very trustworthy and professional
charlespoliquin.com- there is a blog section that has very informative research on health, diet, supplementation and weightlifting
StartBeingFit - this guy is great because he is primal himself.

I like this site for nice reviews on workout/diet plans

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