Hey guys/girls

I was just interested if you have worked out what works for you regarding training?

I have tried numerous training styles sicne I first picked up a weight/started training. It goes to show that conventional wisdom isnt always correct and we really do respond differently to exercise.

I have found that actually using rep ranges and activities that to many would be more endurance based reps actually builds more muscle on me. That does of course crossover with the thinking thinking that hypertrophy occurs best if a set if 40 seconds or longer in duration. Of course providing that adequate calories (good calories) are consumed then all programs and training methods should work for each person, to a greater or lesser extent.

From past experience I had great success with:
* DC training. This called for 3 sets of an exercise with heavy weight using rest/pause to extend the set thus eliminating breaks. I was however consuming a great number of calories at this time.
* I also had success with Starting Strength, this bucked the higher rep thinking, but again my calories were very high here.
* I then put together a program combining the use of heavy weights done in pyramid circuit style. This was done after some time with CF. I wanted to put together a program my clients could use that was time effective, allowed for strength increases, but also used the cf principle of the rush factor between movements. This program saw an increase in reps and I actually gained weight and improved conditioning on this very effectively.
* As I mentioned I used CF. This was an on/off affair depending on injuries from rugby. I yielded results both good and bad.
* Fast forwarding experimentation with different training styles (I am my own guinea pig for my clients) I went through body weight routines from start to completion. I had great success with Marks LHT programme. The higher rep all out sets were a great test of endurance and strength. After finishing this I have dabbled with several similar ideas and am now using another bodyweight routine that although different still encorporates the same ideas (it would be impossible to continue using something like marks program, the goal reps would have to be increased for their to be any progress - increased high rep/failure sets would lead to burn out).

I have also found that for endurance and leg size, cycling has proved a winner for me. I cant squat due to past injuries and cycling (steep hill work) has done wonders. I am now hoping that a potential addition of rowing could yield the same results. I am hoping that with my diet kept at the level it is now (I am eating primally and for my blood type) that this additional strength/endurance activity should bring similar positive results.

Just curious what works best for you OR what you are doing just now training wise?