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Thread: Not enough cals & 8 yrs+ veg looking to reintroduce meat

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    Not enough cals & 8 yrs+ veg looking to reintroduce meat

    Hey forumgoers,

    Just joined after reading lots of articles and appreciating how much Primal is a "lifestyle" than a fad or diet. I actually started adhering to the blueprint with only 1/2 cup of white rice a few days ago (and finishing up the few cookies a friend baked me for christmas). Also added some light bodyweight exercises in to get me up and around while I'm on winter break and sitting on my bum.

    My question/concern is actually two fold. The first is I haven't had any beef, poultry or whatnot since February 6, 2005 (Super Bowl 39 for sports fans), when I was in my early teens. I eat a lot of eggs as my source of protein. I've had fish three times since 2011, and shrimp 3 times (which I loved as a kid). My last summer was spent working at an aquarium that involved lots of fish prep, so I got quite desensitized. Regardless, I'm scared of trying to seriously reintroduce meat, and especially when I see pockets of people not even liking grassfed/organic cuts. I can cook pretty well, but I don't have the scantest idea how to introduce this all or even cook meat. I think it might help my overall health, though, based on the testimonials I see of longterm vegetarians adding animal protein once again. I have no idea what to do, I need all the help/advice/stories of transition I can get!

    The second is, I'll admit I was a pretty bad vegetarian in terms of eating tons of junk food/grains+a hella lot of soy/bad dining hall food. Colleges are stupidly stressful and the options when you're forced into a meal plan are slim. I do have a full kitchen/no plan this year though, but I still ate poorly this last semester despite cooking for myself. I know my body responds well to positive diet changes, so I'm excited. I don't know if I'm eating in the proper portions though, because I've been feeling really hungry. Some nuts or avocado has solved this in the short term, but I'm definitely feeling hungry. I can tolerate this if it's a sign of weight loss. Here's what I've been eating (and not even all in one day):

    3 eggs in an omelet cooked with olive oil, with a sprinkling of crumbled goat cheese and some spinach.
    Gnawing at bags of regionally grown spinach, maybe with a bit of olive oil but usually raw.
    Peeled stalks of carrots, a couple at a time.
    Some guacamole because the avocados are tiny right now and way too expensive.
    An apple a day usually, and a small tomato or two.
    Some green beans, and I bought an artichoke to cook with (olive oil + tomato + a bit of goat cheese, mm).
    I had a few sweet potatoes but I didn't buy any more on my biking trip to the store (and now it's snowing, yay).
    Bell pepper or two.
    Few handful of nuts excluding peanuts, and I had a bunch of roasted but unsalted sunflower seeds over the course of the last few days until I ran out.
    Edit: Also I drink a glass of coconut/almond milk, unsweetened, and add it to my eggs mixture.

    Okay... reading that it seems like I'm not eating much at all, haha. Maybe more eggs? I cut out grains completely aside from that 1/2 cup of rice I ate over the course of like 18 hours. I've started not at 80/20, but closer to 95/5 I guess. I really want to lean up and lose a lot of this unnecessary fat.

    Other relevant info is I'm 5' 10" with a large frame, and genetically predisposed to having a lot of muscle mass packed in (my dad is crazy strong for his age and when I was a teen, boom! muscle). I'd say around 202-207 lbs right now, but I haven't weighed in awhile, just going by how my clothes fit. My lowest weight during college was 177 during winter break of sophomore year, no idea how I managed that considering it was a semester full of depression and sitting in my room, but I usually hovered around 188-195. I also look great during the summer but awful in winter (stress+worse eating than summer+not being outside as much).

    Thank you so much in advance for any help y'all can offer.
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