I've been eating NK/Primal for 4 weeks now. I feel really good but I've only lost 5lbs total and that bounces up 2lbs and down 2lbs all the time. I've really cut back on carbs, under 20 total carb grams a day and sometimes under ten. I'm keeping my protein at the minimum range and upping fat for satiety. That said, I'm really starting to miss veggies a lot and I'm wondering if I ate more veggies and less fat or protein would it increase my weight loss? I need to lose at least 50lbs to be at merely "overweight" and I have patience to do this, but I don't know how long I can/should eat this way without more vegetables in my diet. What is the maximum I should have to lose a pound or so a week? Anybody want to tackle this?

Thanks in advance! Em