So I've been doing the primal eating thing and losing weight since February. I've lost a significant amt. of weight fairly quickly. About three months ago I woke up one morning feeling like a hot poker was lodged in my foot. I tried to get up and found I could hardly bear weight at all.

I suffered all day and then all that night. The pain was so intense overnight that I would have gone to the ER if I thought there was any way in the world I could have gotten to the car. I tried everything I knew to try to make it better. I couldn't imagine what I had done to it. Ended up with x-rays, lyme screens, etc. etc. and the only thing that ever turned up was elevated uric acid.

So apparently I'm a rare case, I'm 35 and female and very few women develop gout prior to menopause. I know my hormones were totally jacked up prior to weight loss and changing my diet because I hadn't gotten a period in ages so that probably contributed to it. Also been on a mild diuretic for years which also elevates uric acid. I've been getting a regular period now for the last six months but the damage was done. I guess it was just building up and settling in the joints and the weight loss or switching my eating habits did something to activate the crystals.

The uric acid is coming down, it was at an all time high of 14 back in March and my last check about six weeks ago it was in the 7s. Ideally I need it to be under 6...that's supposedly when the uric acid crystal deposits in my joints will dissolve and hopefully the flares will stop.

In the meantime I'm on a noxious cocktail of meds to try to control the pain and flares as much as possible. Daily prednisone (I know in excruciating detail how horrible the drug is and exactly what it's doing to me...I hate taking it but I can't walk at all without it right now and I have to take huge dosages when I get a flare and then taper down to a smaller maintenance dose in between flares...) uloric and daily colchicine.

So I know that fasting, losing weight rapidly, starvation, etc. all can bring on gout flares. I just read in another thread a small study with starvation diets showed that a couple participants developed gout while on a water and vitamin fast.

What part do you think eating primally has played in this gout development? I wonder if I would have it if I had just cut calories? Esp since the gout I eat very, very moderately and not too much of any one thing. I just can't do the organ meats/sardines/shellfish because I'm terrified of provoking a gout attack. I work on my feet and live in fear of the pain. I have started limiting my meat to 4 oz a day. I don't drink any alcohol. I do eat 3 oz or so of fish a couple times a week. My first big attack was after eating a pork shoulder dish two nights in a row so now I'm scared to eat pork. Basically everything I eat is on the high purine food list. I already have cut so many things it's hard to start chipping away at what's left. Some of the most nutritious foods are foods I'm supposed to avoid. The organ meat and shellfish, spinach, leafy greens, mushrooms, asparagus. I know I could probably go to something like an 80 percent fat diet to avoid the purine sources but I really haven't been wanting to do that. I can't even imagine going back to eating grains and stuff like that regularly and have to find another solution.

I'm just super frustrated. When these flares happen I can't do my daily walks, work is a nightmare and it's very discouraging, not to mention the dismay I feel regarding the continued steroid use.