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Thread: The Ultimate Supplement Stack ;)

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    The Ultimate Supplement Stack ;)

    I'm not one of those to throw a pill at every possible deficiently or to try optimize every micro-nutrient known to man. I think it's a waste of time and money and may even harm you. Things like stress management, maximizing positive emotions, sleeping right, eating right and exercising appropriately will always be the big things focus on. But beyond these critical areas supplements still have their place. Simply put if your doctor has said you have a particular deficiency then go ahead and purchase something specifically for it, but for universal purposes (i.e pretty much everyone) I think I have a stack that covers all the key things that we should be concerned about: HEALTH, MUSCLES, BRAIN. Here is the stack

    - omega 3
    - vitamin d3
    - probiotics
    - neurostim
    - tranquility
    - bcaa's
    - creatine

    You'd be amazed the amount to thinking and researching it takes to boil all the available supplements down to the bread and butter ones. Mark at least had the first three right (you do not really need a multivitamin) although I think the list is incomplete and there are some other invaluable supplements for pretty much everyone.

    For example 'neurostim' is a nootropic formula that essentially enhances cognition function things like better memory / recall, facilitates learning / data retention, focus and endurance. They are not wonder drugs though guys they work about as well as a daily dose of omega 3 which IMO is pretty significant and helpful. Also 'tranquility' is still a nootropic but with the reverse effect which helps you settle down, relax, de-stress, and disconnect. Which is usually perfect after a long days work or anytime you get overly worked up or to help you get a good nights sleep.

    Your probably aware of the other supplements listed so I probably don't need to tell you the indisputable benefits of them. But a quick mention on creatine and bcaa's. I think creatine is a great exercise and performance enhancer and its cheap so I don't see why anyone wouldn't add this to their stack. To my knowledge there's nothing else available (thats legal) for achieving those goals. And there is nothing better (thats also legal) for physical performance, growth and recovery than bcaa's not even whey protein according to many studies.

    So there you have it guys, a small list compared to what you usually see but IMO a powerful one that covers all the important areas (health, muscle, and brain maintenance, and enhancement) that are all proven to significantly make a difference. And like I said at the beginning there is no need to get carried away and sold by all the hype and purchase everything under the sun AND as I said if you have a particular deficiency you need to get those seen too but if your life is in check deficiencies are very rare.
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