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Thread: Primal frozen potatoes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjgh View Post
    Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew
    Thank you for this

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    My conventional supermarket sells frozen yuca with yuca as the only ingredient and frozen sweet plantains with plantains and non-hydrogenized palm oil as the only ingredient. I definitely use those a lot. Potatoes I don't buy frozen because other than sweet potatoes, they don't sell any "food only" frozen potatoes near me. Maybe white, red, and gold potatoes just don't freeze well? Fresh sweet potatoes definitely taste better than the frozen kind. With yuca I actually prefer the frozen. And with sweet plantains there isn't much difference in taste but a huge advantage in convenience going frozen.

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    OK I'm convinced, real potatoes it is.

    I have another question and don't feel like starting a new thread just for it, so I'll ask here: What's the best affordable coffee I can order online? I usually get supermarket stuff (Melitta) so I imagine most anything will be an improvement.

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