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    Ketosis - an on-off switch, or a dimmer switch?

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    Ok, I've never gotten my carbs low enough for ketosis. But I'd like to try it out. But thinking about it left me wondering:

    Is ketosis like an on-off switch where you're either "in" ketosis or not? Where X grams of carbs per day will put you in Ketosis, but X+1 will drop you out? If so, how frequently can you jump in and out? Can you be "in" one day, "out" the next, then "in" again the next? Or does it take a while for your body to switch? 3 days? A week?

    Or is there a gray area where you can be half-way "in" ketosis?

    And finally, is obvious (to you? to others?) when your body switches in or out? Do you feel it?

    Just to be clear, I'm not "worried" about any of this, it was just something I was thinking about while bored.

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    NeoPaleo, my take is that it's an On/Off switch. I am not sure if it changes once your body becomes keto-adapted though. Molecular Grokologist mightbe able to help here.

    I notice that I am on ketosis when I feel sort of a metallic taste in the back of my tongue. Another indicator is feeling great.
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    I'm interested as well...I'll be standing by.

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    each persons body determinesketosis differently...some people can dop in ketosis at the blink of an eye while other seem to take forever and have trouble staying there.

    kinda like some people can top 100g carbs a day while others go ZC. might have something to do with inulin sensitivity andresistance as well

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    I'll opt for dimmer... I seem to go in and out of ketosis quite easily and frequently, which now that I'm thinking about it seems like a good thing and I hope it continues! I don't monitor my carbs closely, but I usually eat the same foods each day. I usually have a feeling I'm in keto, although I have been wrong. Once in a while, I use Ketostix, but I don't obsess over them - I'm just curious, and I like peeing on things. My carbs are usually under 50g a day during the week, on the weekends, I'm more lax in tracking my food intake (unless I'm IFing lol), but I usually try to avoid carbs and tell myself okay, if you pig out, you pig out, just don't do it on carby foods.

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    dimmer here too
    challenge yourself
    i blog here

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    I think I read somewhere that people often go into ketosis when they are asleep when the previous meal has been digested. Can't guarantee the truth of that. I'm inclined to the dimmer theory myself, but it's just a guess.

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    How do you know if you are in ketosis or not?

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    I go for the dimmer too - I've read in many places that if you're low carb and so have easy access to your fat stores, you'll naturally slip into ketosis as you 'fast' every night. If you eat dinner at 6pm and breakfast at 7.30 that's 13 hours without food.

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    Ketosis is determined by availability of liver glycogen. Once you're out of liver glycogen, your body starts getting into ketosis with organs switching fuel, gluconeogenesis occurring, ect... takes about 3 weeks to FULLY adjust. Once again, this is also dependent on the person.

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