No, besides that.

Mark talks about having candles when reading in bed and etc., but beyond that.

I ran across the concept of Lunaception a few months ago (Lunaception by Louise Lacey) and not sure what I think about it. But, it got me thinking about how to mimic a sleeping environment that would have been common to our ancestors: outdoors.

I put a Peace Lily in the bedroom a few weeks ago to improve air quality. Not sure if its doing much else. But its a hardy thing, thank goodness. Here in south Florida the weather is finally getting nice enough to open the windows during the day, so that helps with the air quality too (and my mango tree has been blooming, yum).

But what else?

My husband is a light sleeper, so he usually turns on an upright fan at night for white noise. Not sure if constant wind counts as primal though. But I was sitting in our "birdcage" this afternoon where the previous owner had left three table-top water fountain contraptions. They're nice on the porch, but not sure about their purpose there. But it got me thinking, would there be any benefit to having one of those waterfall things in the bedroom? The sound of gently running water is more soothing, I think, than the fan. And I remember reading something about waterfalls and ions once. Tried searching the internet about it, but found very little, and all that seemed like a bunch of woo.

So, the moon, air, wind, fire, and water. Add crickets if you want (beyond a screen, please). How much effect do these things have on sleep and optimal health?

This is a total brain rumination because I'm bored, so feel free to ruminate with me.