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Thread: Primalizing the bedroom...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahW View Post
    I don't understand lunaception very well, but aren't you supposed to plug in a night light during full moon? I can barely remember what day of the week it is, so keeping track of the moon too makes me twitch.

    My husband wants to get blackout curtains, but he still wants to sleep with a bit of light on. He tends to be bi-phasic (I, most emphatically, am not). I'm pretty sure he would think lunaception is a bunch of woo.
    Yes, technically speaking, you use a nightlight for three nights -- just before full moon, at full, and just after, and then total darkness after that. Some peopel go so far as to have differing levels of light across the month to new moon, but I never went that far.

    The point is to have 'moonlight' for those three or so days to stimulate the body to regulate the cycle. It's particularly useful for women who ovulate shortly after menses, but have religious reasons to not have sexual contact, and therefore aren't able to conceive. This apparently moves the ovulation back to the right number of days (or more days post menses), allowing them to touch and thereby conceive.

    It does work. I just don't do that aspect myself. I just do the sleeping in darkness, and it certainly made a difference on my hormones (at some level, hence the better sleep).

    Also, he's free to think what he wants, but why does he need light just because he's biphasic? I'm often biphasic, but prefer total darkness even then. I just meditate.

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    We have a street light directly outside our bedroom window I put a black sheet up over the window which helps a lot but am considering getting a proper blackout blind because that friggin light is bright.
    We used to have a sunrise alarm (gradually lights up from about 1/2 hour before your alarm time) And found that helped a lot.. Im not a morning person so if its still dark, I struggle to get up (& right now its not even starting to get light until about 8 or later) Am thinking thats something I need to look into again.

    Also for nice calming natural light, Hubby got me some Himalayan Pink salt tea-light holders for Christmas & I love to glow they give off, very soft & relaxing... probably not much use for reading by as there not that bright but Im going to get one of the larger HPS lamps next as I am trying to make my house more Nature Sanctuary-like.... Now if I could just stop killing off all the plants....
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