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Thread: How do you motivate yourself?

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    How do you motivate yourself?

    Hi all,

    I have been mostly Primal for just over a two years and have been progressing well... I have gone from 107kg (236lbs) down to 82kg (181lbs) and I am pretty happy with the results... (5`10" - male)..

    Now I have been steady at 82kgs for upwards of 4 months now and when I go strict Primal, I can start the weight dropping again after a few days but I can never maintain the weight loss as I seem to sabotage myself on purpose.

    They way I do this is by slipping myself some chocolate, or having a sandwich etc.....the usual stuff that tastes good and creates a whole new addiction cycle...I then have trouble stopping again...

    I know what I need to do but I have no over-riding urge to avoid grains....I know they are bad for me as my Psoriasis starts to flare a little but not enough to annoy me...

    What sources of information on the net do other use to motivate them....or rather where can I find good info on why grains are bad...I have read the Primal Blueprint, Wheat Belly, The Great Cholesterol Con and many other good books but I just can't find that one bit of information that makes me sit up and think.."Damn, I'm not touching that Sh*t again"

    Thanks for any help on this. I have used the search button (for threads like this and searched the net to no avail.
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