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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzynavel View Post
    What sources of information on the net do other use to motivate them
    I do not use information to motivate me, I use decision making. I decided to lose weight. I decided to become fit again. I decided that I will give myself regular treats in order to reward my efforts. I decided that it will take time to achieve my goals. I decided to eat christmas pudding & cake, trifle and roast potatoes. I decided I will drink champagne, wine and just one beer this week. I still have two primal meals a day and know that this 10 day treat will happen again next Christmas/New Year when I am with family.

    I decided to enjoy my primal lifestyle.
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    Age certainly helps. Some of us felt like there were no consequences until one day we woke up older and suddenly we were reaping what we had sown.
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    For me and sugar, it should be easy: a meal of tasty crap and a day of pain or a meal of tasty goodness and a day without pain. Note the "should be." Sometimes it's already in my mouth and down my throat before I can process that it will cause pain. I make myself recognize and catalog the pains the next day and I'm usually good for another couple weeks before a relapse.
    For the most part, wheat products remind me of sandstone rocks or mop strands (look at a loaf of bread or spaghetti noodles and use your imagination.) Taste about like them too. Rice and I have a complicated relationship. Most other grains, I don't eat because I'm lazy. Mixtamalized corn (tortillas and tamales), I eat once every few months and enjoy every bite while doing so. Pizza is the devil incarnate and I love it. I figure if I only eat it once a month of so, and catalog all the negative effects, I'm doing pretty good in the 80/20 category.
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    If they are foods you want to avoid eating why have them in the house??

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    Sounds like you've read plenty - you already know why grains are bad, it's not lack of information that's keeping you from being consistent.

    You've gotta find ways of making it easy on yourself. Keep primal snacks with you - at home, in the office, in your car, etc - so that you have something to fall back on when confronted with sandwiches. Learn how to cook REALLY delicious primal food, so when eating at home you don't miss the bread. Make Friday your reward night and have red wine with a big, juicy steak (or other filling primal delicacy) and dark chocolate afterward - only on Friday. You've gotta find ways to blunt the temptation. And you don't do that by punishing yourself for eating grains or scaring yourself away from them - you do that by making life without grains amazingly delicious! :-D

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    Its easy for me - I just have to think about all the malarky that comes with having a heart attack. Grains never made me feel too shabby - my health was fairly good, I never took time off work, I paddled weekly and was at most 10kg overweight. Cholesterol in normal range. No need to change diet or lifestyle.

    Do you really need to risk a heart attack or other serious health event to prove something you know is right?
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    I don't need any specific motivation at this point. Flour based products just seem strange to me now, as do the packaged snack products seen on every grocery aisle. I don't consider them real food and it doesn't even occur to me to eat them anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    Its easy for me - I just have to think about all the malarky that comes with having a heart attack.

    Do you really need to risk a heart attack or other serious health event to prove something you know is right?
    Yep. For Peril it was a heart attack, for me it was cancer. I'm sure both of us only wish we had found out about Primal eating sooner in life.

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    'Cause your penis will fall off if you eat grains again. Okay -- kidding. But really --- why are you asking us for motivation? Stand in front of the mirror and ask YOURSELF why you should or shouldn't eat grains. The question and response is a personal one. Ask yourself the question, and live with the results. Pretty simple. There's no jury here.
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    Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.

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