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Thread: Wheat Belly made it to cover of supermarket mag page

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    Wheat Belly made it to cover of supermarket mag

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    So, I stopped into my nearly-worthless local supermarket for a few things this afternoon, and I was standing in the checkout line I was looking at the magazine covers and learning all sorts of new things (there's a Women's Health magazine, huh, and someone I never heard of it spilling the secrets of her Hollywood friends, hunh) but then on the cover of Women's First (Woman's First? First? darn it, what's with these things!) I saw advertised that they have an article about Wheat Belly! 15 delicious wheat-free recipes inside! or something like that, over top of a picture of what looked like pancakes. I guess the pancakes are wheat free???

    Anyways, I guess that due to that crazy book some people may not think of us as being so crazy any more. I mean, it made a cover article of Women's First, so...yeah.

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    I knew something was up...
    my raw vegan friends have been quoting from wheat belly on Facebook lately.

    Most people seem pretty chill about the fact that I don't eat grains... but they usually think it's solely for weight loss... *Sigh*

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    Wheat Belly is what started this journey for me. And while many see it as a diet tool once they start reading and researching they realize it is far more than that. Every little step helps and really who cares what they think? My family thinks I am nuts but they sure do praise how much weight I have lost
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