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Thread: High GI' carbohydrates increase women's heart risk

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    High GI' carbohydrates increase women's heart risk

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    Just found this on the BBC website in the UK.


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    I've seen this posted elsewhere so it is obviously sourced from a press release. I haven't found the original research. While it is good to see links between carbs and heart disease finally recognised, note that they do not blame carbs generally, but 'high GI' carbs. Feel free to eat pasta every day then. I am a bit suspicious about this and really want to see the data. I find it hard to believe that it was only certain carbs that caused heart disease and not others. I think this is an illustration of CW fear of fat. After all, if carbs cause heart disease, and excess protein is (supposedly) bad for your kidneys, than what do you eat? Fat! They can't bring themselves to go down this route can they? Afterall fat causes heart disease doesn't it?

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