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    Just wondering if this has happened to other people and how you guys might have dealt with it.

    In my case, last year, for about a year straight, I ate steamed broccoli like an absolute madwoman--something like 1-2lbs/day, 7days/week. I loved the taste of it, ate it with just about everything.

    Then, suddenly, it just completely lost its appeal to me. I stopped liking the way it smelt as I steamed it and forgot what ever attracted me to it in the first place. Actually, it seems that during my broccoli love phase, I could not detect a broccoli smell at all.. I only noticed it once my liking of it died.

    Though I am good about getting nourishment from a variety of other fruit and vegetable sources, I wish that I were still drawn to this nutrient powerhouse. Is there a way to turn things around?

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    I only notice that smell with frozen broccoli, fresh ones don't have it when prepared well...

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    Maybe it's just a case of familiarity breeds contempt. Give it some time and then start eating it. Maybe it is the fact that you were eating it steamed w/o any variation every single day that led to it. Add some spices, mix it with other veggies. A few ways I make it:

    1. Saute ginger in oil till fragrant, add turmeric. Then add broccoli and stir till it reaches your preferred stage of doneness. Season with salt (pepper is optional).

    2. Take the broccoli florets in a large bowl. Add olive oil (you can use coconut oi), minced garlic, herbs of choice and toss it all till the florets are covered with oil. Bake in the oven at 420 F for about 20-25 minutes. Yummy!

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    Pounds a day for weeks? And you wonder why you lost your taste for it? No explanation needed!

    I like broccoli cooked and cooled and eaten as a salad.

    ALL cruciferous crops have a smell when cooked. It doesn't matter what the form or source is, it is in their nature......and our olfactory system.

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