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Thread: Benefits of F.lux

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    Benefits of F.lux

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    Mark posted a link some time ago to a neat utility called F.lux. It adjusts the color tone of your screen to reduce blue light exposure after sunset. It checks where sunset and sunrise are for your location and makes the switch either suddenly or gradually.

    I look at my computer screen right up until bedtime for work and there's no way around it, but since I've started using this utility last week I notice that I get sleepy earlier in the night and it's easier to fall asleep after extended staring at the screen. If anything I am becoming sleepy a little too early, at 8 or 9PM. I'm tempted to start a trial of biphasic sleep where I sleep early and get up for a few hours in the middle of the night to read or get work done, before catching some more winks before the morning.

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    F.lux is great, it helped my insomnia, and I hate the fact it is not available to down load on ipad.

    I think I have finally embraced the fact sleep occurs in cycles and instead of getting annoyed when I wake, I relax knowing I will fall asleep and get another cycle of sleep in. I am also researching the fact, new to me, that waking in the middle night = overburdened and busy liver. I wouldn't disrupt sleep entirely seems too important to hormones ... interested to hear how it goes for you though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzyorange View Post
    I'm tempted to start a trial of biphasic sleep where I sleep early and get up for a few hours in the middle of the night to read or get work done, before catching some more winks before the morning.
    I dont know. My sleep was bad bad bad. And I got fat fat fat, for all kinds of reasons, but sleep was always a factor, or lack thereof. I don't know anything about biphasic sleep, but I would think you would be better to adjust so that you get your sleep in uninterrupted. JMO

    As far as f.lux, I have been using it for many months. Love it! It also helps me to keep track of time, or be more aware, especially like now when it is darkened down, and then when it adjusts up, I am more mindful of the time.
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    Here you go...

    f.lux for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

    for Ipad/Iphone.

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    I totally forgot to reinstall this on my computer after I formatted. It was also missing from my work computer, which is bathed in natural light during the day (I sit on a corner that gets lots of natural light, though I'm sure I get no Vitamin D through the glass, it helps with my SAD anyway), but sits in fluroescent lights for a little while in the late afternoon at this time of year, after the sun sets and before I go home.

    It definitely makes a difference. Gaming still makes me a bit too pumped up to sleep well, but with f.lux, it's noticeably easier to get sleepy in front of the screen.
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    I also love f.lux and recommend it to all of my late night gamer buddies. I've been using it for a long time now, and it's definitely helped with my insomnia. I use it now, especially, to figure out when to shut off my tv and start lighting candles.

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    It definitely helps me feel sleepy earlier. My partner tends to stay up late on his computer, and I've suggested he try it out and see if it helps for him too.
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    Anyone heard of a f.lux app for android? The only one I found was Lux, but it doesn't seem to filter out blue light, it just adjusts the dimness.

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    I love f.lux. My best friend who is a huge PC gamer introduced it to must have been about a year ago. He is up at strange hours on steam with his friends in the UK and Ireland, so he decided to try it out. I have no clue where he found it, but I love it. It's literally the only part primal which melds with his life, but I'll take it. I don't even notice the screen changing color, and I can't stand looking at a regular computer screen at night anymore. They just look way too bright. If you are hesitant about literally any other aspect of primal, at least use this. Highly recommend!

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    This is something I have been meaning to do for a while now. Thanks for the reminder.

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