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Thread: 2013 - A year of experiments!

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    2013 - A year of experiments!

    Experiment Ref: 2013/1
    Start date: 22 Dec 2012
    Proposed end date: 22 Mar 2013

    Age: 37
    Sex: Male
    Height: 176 cm

    Objective: To study the effect of eating once a day.
    Diet: Largely paleo. Gluten free. This is my normal diet, therefore the variable under study is the eating frequency.
    Environment: Other activities (job activities, job related travel, exercise and other extra currics) remain.

    InBody body composition analysis on 24 Dec 2012 (in Kgs):
    Weight: 75.8
    ICW: 29.6
    ECW: 17.2
    Body Fat Mass: 12.1 (%BF: 15.9%)
    Skeletal Muscle Mass: 36.5

    Qualitative summary:
    Alert, energetic, friendly. Played 2 hours of tennis on 27th and 26th. Lifted weights on 22, 24, 25, 27 and 28th. Reading an engaging book: "Phantoms in Brain".

    Next update: 2 Jan 2013.
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