It's been quite a while since I've posted here. I did lose my way (you may understand in a minute) but I am back with renewed commitment. And I also have a huge problem. Background:

My 7 year old son lately has been feeling nauseous when he hasn't eaten in a while. I recognize that it may be due to low blood sugar. Sometimes it happens when he's eaten some crappy kids' cereal (insulin spike, anyone?). My 10 year old son gets terrible headaches on a becoming-frequent basis. He also eats more SAD. My daughter, 12, of course has the pimples but also some bumps on her skin the backs of her arms and occasional rough skin texture. My husband does not in any way agree with Primal/Paleo type of eating and so won't encourage the kids to eat this way. He also believes fully in medications to help things (pimples, flu, colds, headaches, etc).

I do try to talk to the kids about how better eating can help alleviate symptoms, and they listen, but nothing changes. I understand it's hard to change eating habits especially when one person buys all the things I am speaking against (Cheez-Its, Frosted Flakes, frozen pizza, etc) and it's easy to make and take. I do provide the healthier foods (salad, meats, fish, compromised on 2% milk and low-fat yogurt for them, among other things) because I eat Primal/Paleo (returning to full-time again).

What else can I do to convince the husband that our kids' issues, particularly headaches and nausea, need a nutrition cure, not modern medicine or excuses/ignore it?