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Thread: Grok could bounce back from famine, right? How long would it take?

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    Grok could bounce back from famine, right? How long would it take?

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    Without really realizing it I spent from July to September eating under 1000 calories/a day and I lost about 17 lbs bringing me to, at my lowest, 70 lbs (on a 5' tall frame).

    Then I changed that, long story short... I've been eating A LOT for close to two months now: about 1900 calories a day (with pretty much no exercise except walking).

    I feel like I eat excessively now. I'm now about 88 lbs and I gained it really fast by basically stuffing myself at every meal. Also my skin has a pretty noticeable yellow tint from all the betacarotene. Should I try to eat less fruits and vegetables?

    Anyway, I'm a little concerned because I had my period for about 3 years when all this started and then I lost it over the summer, and now as a 16 year old it hasn't come back yet although it's been 2 months.

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    I got sick a few years ago and was in your situation, at my lowest I was 5'4 and 80. After receiving treatment I did the same thing you did now, and gorged to gain weight, I didn't care about getting fat, I just wanted to put on some much needed poundage. I gained weight very quickly, and got my period back within the year. Upon retrospect, gorging was not the best idea. I put on a lot of weight around my stomach also and that took longest to lose once I was my heaviest at 126. I'd say eating 1900 a day is good for me, I was eating close to 3000 and nowhere near primal. You're on the right track.
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    Eat primal. Eat plenty of meat and eggs.....a lot. Eat vegetables, fruits, and spuds to your hearts content. Grow and get healthy. Don't bother counting calories or even thinking about skipping meals. Make sure you eat 3 meals a day (not a time to be thinking about IF). Stay active....don't try to reduce activity to gain weight....increase what you consume instead.

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    I don't know about your frame, but 88 pounds at 5' still seems VERY light. I would give it a couple more months for your period. Your body may not feel it has been at 'normal' long enough to support a pregnancy, which is what those periods are for, regardless of our own intents.

    Is 88 where you plan to be? Before you lost the weight, were you feeling good at that weight? If so, just try to stabilize there, and if your period is gone for more than six months total, go see your doctor. Try to build up your muscle mass, rather than just piling on weight, now that you are back up to where you were.

    Also, if you are turning orange, you can safely cut back on the beta-carotene items, just replace them with something else- some good greens and meat/fish.

    And, at sixteen, what do your parents think about this? Are you comfortable discussing with them? Or an older sibling, perhaps?

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    Thank you, everyone, and for your experience Damiana!

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    Grok could bounce back from a famine, but the implications could last several generations! After WWII, many studies showed children and their children born to parents who were starved during wartime were born with many defects such as small birth weight, childhood diabetes, and other metabolic problems! If you want to have kids, you owe it to them to be as healthy as possible.

    Hope that didn't sound like preaching, just consider it a Public Service Announcement.

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