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Thread: Krill oil brand recommendation

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    There is no actual causative evidence that you need to eat fish to be healthy. How much omega 3 do you need? You do really need ANY? Breast milk has very little omega 3, yet your brain still holds lots of it, which implies you don't need very much (if any) omega 3 in your diet for your brain to function and it very well may simply be cellular replication happening in your brain. If you don't like fish, don't eat fish. You don't have to supplement with fish oil, either. This is some new marketing craze. Simply source the best quality meat you can. Quality dairy, red meat and eggs probably have enough omega 3 for your "needs," assuming you need any at all. That's my opinion.
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    "Needs" are quite different from what is optimal. You don't "need" to eat carbs do you choco? But, if your performing several glycolytic activities a week then it may be optimal for you to eat a bit more of them than someone who doesn't perform those activities right?

    You may not "need" O3, but I would argue that they do optimize our function. As to breast milk....thats a bit of a loaded claim. When the mother increases her intake there is an increase in the amount found in her breast milk. Infants fed from high DHA mothers show better sleep patterns and higher mental processing scores by age 4 (IQ).

    Will dietary omega-3 fatty acids change the c... [Am J Clin Nutr. 1984] - PubMed - NCBI

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    Maternal PUFA Status but Not Prenatal Methylmercury Exposure Is Associated with Children

    Maternal Supplementation With Very-Long-Chain n-3 Fatty Acids During Pregnancy and Lactation Augments Children

    I know it's becoming in vogue right now to ditch the fish oils, and the whole Robb Wolfe calculator bit has been thrown out, but IMO there is still ample evidence that its optimal to include seafood in your diet. Some more info here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    Breast milk has very little omega 3, yet your brain still holds lots of it.
    Yeah, if you are basing this off analysis of the breast milk of American mothers it's going to be way off. American mom breast milk is way low on O3 because American moms don't eat enough O3.

    Analysis of breast milk of moms in other countries, and especially the milk from the "hunter-gatherers" still hanging around, show that the normal O3 amount in breast milk is huge.

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