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Thread: livable low carb blog gone?

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    Apr 2010

    livable low carb blog gone?

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    Does anyone know what happened to Dr. A from the UK and her Livable Low Carb blog? She had fantastic recipes and great research summaries. She posted on March 4th and now her blog is gone.

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    That's actually the site that convinced me to check out this site (the site that convinced me to go Primal.) I found her through a link on "Girl Gone Primal" Blog... I really like Dr.A's recipies, they convicned me that Low Carb didn't have to be a sacrafice, and that it would be easy to do... Once I finally did it I didn't feel much of a need to make any subsitute recipes, but still I needed a mental saftey net I guess.

    Hope it comes back.

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    Anyone figure it out yet? I just noticed today that I hadn't gotten anything from her RSS feed for a while, and I searched here, and found this thread.

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