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Thread: Ranting and rambling. Or, What's with the fads lately???

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    It's all good, but given that PB is a really simple diet..... all these hacks make you wonder if it works. There seem to be more topics on Hacks than actually practicing PB. Having been a member a year, I know enough about people doing hacks to understand why they do them. But I'd hate to see some newbie discouraged by thinking it is going to take potato fasts, IFing, fruit elimination and iodine supplementation to lose 10 lbs.

    Maybe a good solution would be a seperate place for Hacks outside of the nutrition forum?

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    sbhikes and Magnolia, I'm in agreement with your statements.

    Paleo-bunny, I disagree about the potato diet and low carb being essentially the same type of "hack". Low carb is trying to simulate the normal lack of access to so many carbs which are now a huge part of our diet. Were there times diet would have been higher in carbs? I think so. Large abundance of ripe fruit to help put on fat stores right before the lean times.

    A hack involves using your brain? Well, that could be said of EVERYTHING we do. The potato hack, specifically, isn't about using your brain. If that were the case, people would be using their brain to avoid the bad food they're stuffing in their faces which lead to the belief they need to lose the weight in a hurry. In my opinion, they are using it as an excuse to eat poorly since they can make up for it with fast weight loss. MDA, and the PB are about improving health. Living a healthy lifestyle. Not about the latest lose weight fast diet.

    Gopintos, honestly, the abundance of the potato threads is what led to my rant. I've seen some other things over the years which were just as annoying.

    PrimalJ, I remember that cartoon. I've been around since about 2008 when I started reading Mark's blog. Just never posted much.

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