Iíve been reading Markís blogs and been a member of the forum for a long time. When you stick around long enough, youíll always notice things slowly changing. Thatís life. Itís normal. I have to say though, after being away from the forums on here for a while and returning to talk with like minded people Iím pretty surprised.

When these forums originally started, it was like a bunch of friends learning about eating Primal, joking and generally supporting each other. I still see that here, but I see something more. Following Markís blog for several years, I felt (and a lot of others as well) he was stressing a change in life. Not a diet. Not a fad. But an honest change to the way we see ourselves, how we take control of our health by returning to a natural diet. His articles raised the question of why we seem to be devastated by disease and illness no other animal deals with on a regular basis in the wild. I have no recollection of him EVER advocating a crash diet. Iíve heard him point out there is no need to be overly dogmatic in your approach to Primal; even stressing the 80/20 rule for those who may struggle at first.

Now, I read the forums and I see numerous posts about trying to quickly lose a few more lbs. I see people binging and then asking what to do to lose the 5-10 lbs they put on over the weekend. Numerous posts on the latest fad lose-weight-fast diet or ďhackĒ. As if itís an excuse to binge on alcohol, junk, etc.

I feel for the people who are struggling. Iíve done it myself. I still will eat poisons I know I shouldnít. Hell, last night I had a crap load of sugar and felt like crap for doing it. What I didnít do though, was decide that to make up for it I had to spend the next several days only eating meat, or fruit, or potatoes, or whatever the latest hack is. Instead, I woke up and I had a good breakfast. It will be followed by a good lunch and dinner. And the next time I make that same mistake, I will recover the same way.

Itís not a sprint people! Itís a long slow stroll to the finish line. If you stop to smell the roses on the way to the end, so what?! If you predominately eat well, the occasional pizza night, taco night or trip and fall into a bowl of cookie dough arenít that big of a deal. Neither is your weight going up by a few pounds due to your indiscretion. Go back to eating clean and it will right itself. If it had a face, eat it. If you can pick it, eat it. (Obviously, those are generalizations) If you have an off-day, or week, so what? Fix it.

If you feel bad about gaining a few pounds, go for walk. Then, ask your husband, wife, significant other or Mom if you look like youíve gained weight. Iím willing to bet, youíre the only one who noticed. Oh, and the scale. Iíve found that scale doesnít always have your best interest in mind. Ladies, YOU are the only ones who notice a few extra pounds during that time of the month. Us guys still think your gorgeous, sexy and worth all the effort. Guys, the ladies arenít noticing if youíve gained a bit of water weight because you had a bunch of salami, cheese and beer during the football game.

I realize some of you will be offended by this rant. If you are, maybe ask yourself why. This place was supposed to be about leading a healthy life, in every aspect, not fads. My apologies for ranting and rambling, but I hope this will lead to some good discussions.