I'm currently on a weightloss journey, I came to my home country (Venezuela) to spend the holidays with my family. Like most latin cultures, a lot of our traditional food and dishes revolve around bad carbs, lots of corn flour based dishes. So I've been struggling to maintain my paleo diet, although I still think I'm within the 80/20 rule.

I try to stick to paleo food, but sometimes when I go out to a restaurant or at family gatherings, I indulge and eat some of the "bad" (yet delicious), non paleo foods. This also includes alcohol, I try to stick to red wine, but sometimes I have a few beers. No sweet drinks or desserts though.

The thing is that on most days I skip a meal, usually breakfast if I had a big dinner the day before or dinner if I had a big lunch, I do it because I'm just not hungry, so it's not deliberate IF, more like natural IF. Could this make up for the extra calories and the effects over insulin from the bad carbs I eat ocasionally?

Now, it's not all bad news, all of the meat consumed in my country is grass fed, I also have access to yucca/casava which is a great way to quench the thirst for carbs and the local produce is all organic, plus I have my mom to make me homemade food which is awesome, hahaha.