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Thread: Tfal?

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    Anyone used one of those tfal deepfryers? you only use a tablespoon of oil (we used olive and am going to try coconut) and I was thinking paleo wise you could do your chicken wings, sweet potatoes etc. you dont need to bread them or anything, just throw them in and turn it on. kinda neat, clean, not dripping in oil or grease.

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    Yeah. I have one and use it all the time. In fact I made dinner in it.

    They are usually way too expensive. They also don't do a great job with chicken wings. So/so on sweet potato.

    It does really well on some things. Food must be fairly firm and of a shape that doesn't snag in the mechanism. Cubed potatoes are perfect, sweet potatoes a bit soft, onions tend to walk out of the bowl. Sausage, meatballs, cubed beef, whole mushrooms, etc tend to work well. Tonight I tossed a handful of seasoned "stew beef" in it, added some butter,and let it ruin for 10 minutes or so...I pulled one of the smaller bits, stuck a thermometer in it, and since it read ~120f I called it done. Tossed that in a bowl with some veg, broke out a pair of chopsticks, and dinner was cooked and good in 12 minutes. I also do chopped up parsnips, beets, fennel bulb, etc depending on what I have. it usually does a fair job and is very easy.

    It isn't a fryer so much as a convection oven/self-stirring skillet. Think of it in those terms and you'll see a lot of potential. Look at it as a fryer and you'll be disappointed IMO.
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