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Thread: Is there an animal or animal part you wouldn't eat? page 3

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    Pig testicles are pretty tasty. My grandpa used to make BIG batches of Rocky Mountain Oysters every year, when it was time to castrate the piglets. It's very rich like liver... but chewier, like a tender chicken gizzard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosnic View Post
    I don't much care for cannibalism. Everything else is fine.
    Y'know, I think it almost disappoints some of my friends/colleagues when they learn I'm NOT a cannibal.

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    Well, I respect the higher carnivores too much to eat them except in the direst of straits. Even then I'm not sure if I could eat a dog or a wolf.
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    There isn't much. I love sweetbreads, kidney, testicles, blood and brains. Liver though... I'm not really a fan. I mean, if I have to I'll eat it, but I'd rather not.

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    A local restaurant had leg of lion on the menu once. Caused quite a stir. I don't think I would eat that.

    When I was a kid I had a job in a veterinarian's office and I got to watch the doctor do operations. Watching him castrate animals was pretty fascinating. He'd cut a slit in the testical and squeeze and *POP* out pops this bluish-white veiny ball. I really don't think I could eat that.
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    I've had pig testicles - thought it was like a mini veal cutlet. If I could get them pre-pounded (ouch!) I'd probably even cook them. I feel no enthusiasm for any sort of offal. Maybe in time I will feel differently? I will never eat brains. Aside from the ick factor, I am scared of prions, lol.
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    If you're a good cook and will cook it, I'll eat it.

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    quite a few that I would try and avoid such as has been mentioned above, incl brains. I also could not eat horse or kangaroo! If I was starving, I'd rather eat bugs/ants/dirt or just go hungry (at least for as long as I could)!

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    Speaking of animal species that are off limits to me.......cats. Hell no. Not even in the direst of straits.

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    I've heard that carnivore meat is generally pretty nasty. But if I was for realz starving, unless companionship was more urgent for my survival than food, I might eat my cats. I know they'd eat me if I dropped dead and no one came to check on me for a few weeks.

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