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Thread: The obesity asylum

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    The obesity asylum

    A thought experiment! Let’s say we took one hundred morbidly obese persons, in the 400 lbs. + category and put them in a closed camp or asylum and let them do a modified fast of around 5 -700 calories per day for one whole year. No obligatory physical activities. Outside the camp we put armed guards to control that no illegal food will be smuggled into the camp! What would the output be after one year? how many would lose their weight, stop using their medications etc., or even get serious ill, eventually die due to complications of too little food? We know that at least one obese person has completed a water fast for one whole year, so why should not a very fat person survive one year on let’s say 3 daily cans of tuna in water, all the raw fibrous green vegetables he could eat, one cube of chicken broth, one multivitamin pill and a tablespoon of fish-oil and plenty of water, coffee and tea? After all, morbidly obese people carry so much food with them stored in their own bodyfat right?
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