Something i was thinking about, and posted in the Pros and cons thread but wanted to see what others here think.

First i will say that im not trying to bash paleo so no need to get offended.

Is it possible to even think like our ancestors? And is trying to do so actually detrimental to our health and well being? Heres an example. Eating a paleo diet means restriction, something a paleo man would never have done. We (you) restrict certain food groups which are deemed unhealthy but were not actually around when paleo man lived. We restrict calories in the form of fasting because paleo man would have had times were food was unavailable. But paleo man would have never fasted, had food been available.

So paleo man never had to think of these foods to avoid and never had to restrict himself from something he wanted. Exact opposite actually, his very drive to live centered around finding any and all foods to eat.

What is the stress from knowingly restricting ourselves on a daily basis doing to us in the long term? And if what i said is true, then how in anyway would it be considered paleo?

Im sure there are other instances but thats the main one i had in mind. Any others that you guys can think of, and thoughts?