All in the name of science, over the last week, I ate pumpkin pie, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered almonds, candied yams, sourdough bread, gluten-free breakfast cereals, fudge, and a few other treats. I also overate on ham, turkey, mashed-potatoes and dressing w/gravy. During this scientific experiment I exercised very little.

I went from 165lbs on 20 Dec to 175lbs today, 26 Dec.

Concerning CICO - there is no way I overate 35,000 calories, maybe 6,000 at most. Therefore most of the 10lbs I packed on were water and maybe even built a little muscle with the prolonged overfeeding, and a pound or two of fat.

Starting today, I will eat only boiled and chilled potatoes with a slice or two of raw potato a day. I plan on doing this until Jan 1st. A 7 day, pure potato run.

There will be no added fats, no tiny pieces of meat, no bone broth...just cold or raw potatoes seasoned with sea salt and pepper.

What I am curious to see is how fast the bloat goes away and where I end up after 7 days.

I plan on walking lots, doing a few pushups daily, and generally taking it easy.

Any other takers? I'm doing this now because I'm off from work for the next 7 days and our company just left. Maybe some others want to try after New Years.