Those of you who have been around for a while, may recognize the spin on Nady's title. I decided to swipe it for a new thread, as the old one was becoming long.

Many of us are interested in the health effects of fasting. The New Year seems like a perfect time to indulge in some abstinence.

My interest in fasting is for the autophagy. (I wouldn't mind any weight loss, either.) Before some recent stress in my life, I was doing a 2-4 day fast once per month. Took a break from that, and am eager to get back to it.

This thread will be for support and personal information during the fast. There are already plenty of threads with '10 reasons to fast' and '10 reasons not to fast'. I think links will be fine, if you must, but I'd rather keep this one to support and personal experience. (There, that's my attempt at thread control.)

I DO find it interesting to read how other people are experiencing a fast, and how they handle any symptoms. Also, it is reassuring to see others go through, and resolve various issues. Always good to have tips when YOU get light-headed.

Anyone want to join in?