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Thread: Primal Parents! I need your advice!

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    Nerf wars! Buy a bunch of Nerf guns and mod them. Glow in the dark ones are particularly awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    Where we live in NZ, it rains most of the year, most of the time. The answer is: rain gear and go outside.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    This except change the NZ to UK

    Jumping in puddles is always fun
    Change UK to Portland. ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    Check out "Sky Zone Sports", it is an indoor space in Columbus all decked out with trampolines all over: the floors AND the walls. We are in east-central OH, but we are planning a pilgrimage sometime this winter to check it out ourselves.
    We have a place like this and it is SO MUCH FUN! Also check out bounce house places

    OP, I grew up very near you and the weather in Portland is worse. Ha. Seriously, get good rain gear (Patagonia, Hunter boots, Mountain Hardware, REI brand at a minimum, etc.), as quality makes a huge difference. As long as it's not a down pour or freezing, the kids will have a great time hiking.
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    During the winter Munchkin and I tend to do more "brain" stuff like art, legos, building forts, etc. We have a ton of rain as well and there is only so much puddle splashing a toddler will do. We try to get in at least one walk around the block (at least) a day, otherwise we exercise indoors. She has a Sesame Street Dance with Zoe DVD that she'll wiggle to and she'll join in my hula DVD workouts (which is a total cuteness overload).

    I would look for an indoor playground (starting to see more of these pop up) or consider swimming lessons at the local pool. A friend takes her kids to gymnastic class on the weekends and then they practice the lesson at home during the week. It really helps her kids keep the cabin fever at bay.
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