I've recently started a transition to a primal diet, partially to lose some weight but more so to feel healthy and in control of my eating. My question has to do with the transition. I've been sort of easing in, knocking off one "bad" item every few days i.e. start out with no sugar, then no fruit --- this was a lifesaver, I think I've self diagnosed as having fructose malabsorption, I LOVE fruit, would eat huge quantities, but it doesn't agree with me and I feel 100% better without it--, then no grains, then no dairy (other than skim milk in my coffee which I'm keeping for awhile) then no legumes, and so on. As I started I let myself eat as much as I wanted just to break my "addictions" : the past week has been no calorie restriction although my mental counter has me over maintenance by about 500 each day. I think I'm at the point where all of the "bad" stuff has been eliminated from my diet and I plan to aim for 80/20 and then 90/10, leaving cheat room for wine once a week and maybe some nachos or a convenience food I couldn't avoid. So yeah, my questions are these (sorry for the rambling):

1) I have been super hungry, less so when I added white potatoes as needed, so I think/know that my carbs will have to stay between 100-150 (I am one of those darn chronic cardio people plus I waitress a few shifts a week, am a full time student and volunteer at a hospital--I stay busy). But I want to drop to a 500 cal deficit after the holidays (just trying to stay primal, not lose weight this next week). Will the hunger stop? Which is more satiating, fat or protein? They both seem to work (provided I throw in starch and veg) but fat is so calorically dense that I don't want to overdo it. I am going to drop nuts after the new year.

2) I like sweet potatoes but cannot eat them: have tried for years and they always make me ravenous and queasy: a sure sign something isn't right. White potatoes seem to satisfy me and never raise my blood sugar a great deal, even when eaten alone. I have read the comments re: glycoalkaloids and inflammaton but I really feel healthy and vital when I eat them. So has anyone else made this substitution with success in health and weight loss?

3) Has anyone else found that a transition of a week or so is easier than cold turkey? Were you then able to stick to a primal plan without cravings?

4) My diet as I start out is going to be simple until I figure out what works for me and what doesn't, but could you tell me if this is suitable to start?
Meat (lean, as I can't afford organic at the moment), sardines (tinned in olive oil), wild salmon (tinned), organic omega 3 eggs, egg whites, EVOO, coconut oil, white potatoes, some pumpkin and squash if they're on sale, bell peppers, tomatoes, occasionally some grass-fed organic butter. To drink: water, coffee, green and black tea. My foreseeable cheats are the aforementioned wine and nachos or vodka soda and pizza once or week or less.
I am pre-training for my first triathlon (just to finish, not compete), so I put in 1-2 hours of slow cardio a day on average.

I already feel so much better: my bottomless sugar cravings are gone (although I am craving sticks of butter so that is a bit worrisome :P), my mood is more stable, I seem to have dropped some water weight...all good signs I so appreciate any input and I'm stoked to start this lifestyle and meet this community!