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Thread: More newbies to PB

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    Cool More newbies to PB

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    My husband and I are enthusiastically joining up with Grok and the Primal Blueprint. We're both middle age; he's been a fan of the Atkins/Eads/low carb philosophy for some time, but has trouble staying with it. The Primal Blueprint was the catalyst that brought me around, so we're eager to get going.

    We live in a very rural area and our closest sources for organic meats and exotica like coconut oil is 55 miles away so it's either drive there once a month or so or order on line. With some items like the coconut oil, I'm just not sure what I'm getting. The upside is that we're putting in a pretty large garden, have some Indian Runner ducks coming and are finding there are some local farms selling organic, grass fed beef, lamb and pork so we're hoping to find more local sources as we get farther along in the PB!

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    sounds good- welcome aboard!

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