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    I've eaten too much!

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    Okay, so yesterday I officially lost 6 pounds this week so anywho, I always have like a binge problem I self sabotage. So I ate probably 3000 calories, two cake pops, 11 nestea's, gyros with chicken noodle soup, a small flat bread pizza, and I also had a big box of fries. I have done an hour of hot yoga and 25 minutes of the rebounder at a vigorous effort. I have not eaten yet but I have gained 4 pounds! What should I eat today ?

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    Eat normal primal. Everyone has slipups and exercising a little extra isn't going to change what you've already put into your body. Also, our weight changes all throughout the day. IMO, the best time to weigh is in the morning, after urinating and with no clothes on. Weight fluctuates from day to day as well, so weighing every day isn't going to be helpful at all.

    Just chalk up yesterday as an "oops" and focus on today
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    ^ that. Or you can do a fast. The day after indulging I generally am repulsed by the very thought of food anyway.
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    Yeah, seriously, if you're going to weigh yourself every day, you have to realize those fluctations in pounds (usually 5 up or 5 down) on a day to day basis are not your body weight. They are the weight of your body plus the food you have in your digestive system, the food breaking down in your bowels, the water in your urinary tract and bladder, and the poop you haven't taken yet. Need proof? Weight yourself first thing in the morning before you've consumed ANYTHING. Then weigh yourself after eating. Weigh yourself before and after eliminating wastes. There is often several pounds worth of a difference. Having a benge once a week is unlikely to affect your weight much, except to make you feel horrible physically, and challenge your self esteem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    ^ that. Or you can do a fast. The day after indulging I generally am repulsed by the very thought of food anyway.
    I've noticed in your signature line that you are 5' 4" and weigh 105 lbs. Are you very small boned? I'm 5' 4" and I've been 2 years getting down from 244.8 lbs. to 130.6 lbs., mainly because I was in a wheelchair a great part of the time waiting for a broken femur to mend. I've been searching Google to find how much a medium boned 5'4" women should weigh. I've seen a spread anywhere from 105 to 140 lbs. I've decided, for now, to settle on 125 simply because it's a nice round figure and I don't know what else to do.

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    Drink some milk the next few days. Have fruit and cheese, some coconut oil, coffee, and not much else.

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