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Thread: morbidly obese newbie looking for support

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    Take a deep breath and relax. Don't let all the complicated recipes and offshoot theories derail you. It just isn't that complex. This ain't rocket science (at least, it doesn't have to be). Meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruits and a little nuts/seeds. Repeat. Start off simple and as you get used to this way of eating you can get fancier with the food--if you want. Also-- it's not JUST about the food. It's sleep, play, exercise, stress.
    Good luck and congrats. I think you've finally found what you are looking for.

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    You ask what the WOE looks like for someone who works 60-70hrs a week?
    Here's a few typical days of mine:

    bulletproof coffee (google this, it may or may not appeal to/work for you. It works for me)
    late lunch at either chipotle. (Carnitas salad w/lots of fresh tomatoes & guac, sour cream/cheese if you tolerate dairy, skip the sugary dressing) or five guys (two patty regular burger, no bun, extra: lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeņos & pickles -it ends up being like a burger salad)
    Dinner: pastured chicken (with skin & bones... bake a bunch at once, make sure the skin is crispy and delicious and *NOM* - save the bones in the freezer to make stock), roasted brussels sprouts (or other veg), sweet potato.
    maybe a handful of raw almonds while cooking, some tea & 87%dark chocolate after dinner, etc.

    Weekday 2
    Leftover homemade (w/garlic & onion in the mix) grass-fed burger in cabbage wrap w/bacon, onion, tomato, etc.
    skip lunch
    Smoothie w/coconut milk & frozen berries (post workout)
    Leftover brisket (I'll make a 3+lb grass fed brisket & eat throughout the week), kale salad w/ cucumber, olives & tomatoes, homemade dressing. Pineapple spears (go easy, these are way sweet)

    Weekday 3:
    bulletproof coffee
    Grass-fed beef shank stew (crockpot leftovers), hard boiled egg(s) w/sea salt
    herb crusted wild salmon, steamed veggies w/ grass-fed butter, spinach salad, bubbly water w/unsweetened cranberry (just a splash), pear slices & raw grass-fed cheese.

    Bacon, cabbage/carrot/onion sauteed in bacon grease, eggs fried in bacon grease, avocado w/ kimchi, sweeteet potato w/grass-fed butter, coffee w/ grass-fed heavy cream, tea.
    leftovers -whatever needs to be eaten (brisket, chicken, stew, etc.)
    Snack on coconut flakes (unsweetened), raw nuts, fruit, veg.

    Think simple... meat and veg w/adequate healthy fat, sometimes fruit or sweet potatoes. Eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not. Cook big batches of protein so you have planned leftovers and "emergency" protein.
    I keep primal trail mix (raw seeds/nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, unsweetened flaked coconut, possibly chopped up dark chocolate, chopped up and thrown in a zip-top bag), grass-fed jerky/paleo kits/primal pacs, lara bars, cans of tuna/sardines, some dark chocolate, etc. In my desk at work in case I get hungry.
    Hard boiled eggs and avocados are great things to keep around as well, and I feel fine having them out of the fridge for a day or two.

    As for working out, I bike, run stairs, play tennis, swim, take dance class, etc. whenever time permits... I try to keep the pool/dance studio schedules handy, so if I have free time, I can see what's available... Stairs, tennis courts, and places to bike are available 24/7. Sometimes we'll hit some bodyweight/exercise ball stuff while dinner is cooking.
    If you're doing activities where you'd normally drink sports drinks or "eat" gels, go for water + bananas.
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    Hey Jon, welcome to the community.

    I know, and understand, that feeling of desperation you've described. I honestly thought that I was "fated" to swell up like a balloon (every single member of my blood family is huge and diabetic), and it was coming true for a while.

    My best advice is to relax (go for walks, spend a few hours in the dimness of some candles, practice meditation, read, etc) and to eat a lot of meat. Meat is wonderful and delicious and filling.

    Some sample meals for me:
    Breakfast- Coffee, half a teaspoon of sugar, heavy cream.
    Breakfast Alt- Coffee, pepperoni, cheese.

    Lunch- Pork chop cooked in butter, more coffee.
    Lunch Alt- Deli meats and cheese, plus coffee.

    Dinner- Steak and a bit of potato.
    Dinner Alt- Chicken soup made in a crockpot. (Chicken breast, carrots, celery, scallions, and some other veggies that I happen to have on hand)
    Dinner Alt- Chili made in a crockpot. (Stew meat, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and a filler (I'll be using sweet potato for this))

    Dessert- Coffee.
    Dessert Alt- Eggnog.
    Dessert Alt 2- Greek yogurt.

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    Glad to meet you! I second the advice here to stick closely to the book, and be sure to read, and reread it, as often as necessary. That, and check out Quelsen's journal. I do not "know" him very well on the MDA, as it were, but I do know he had a massive amount of weight to lose, more than you. I would say "good luck", but luck has nothing to do with this - just good info and some old fashioned hard work, and you will get where you are going.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Keep it up. I'm obese and find that losing weight on PB is much, MUCH easier than any other method and I know I'm also getting enough protein to maintain and even build muscle while losing weight- that's the holy grail, for me.

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    Greetings and welcome home. I started out this past january at 360, a year later I am 260. It can be done.

    All that folks have said are great ideas however I would also get a steamer. I steam chicken, salmon and loads of veggies, it is quick and simple. You might have to rework your schedule a wee bit but I do most of my cooking on Sundays and freeze servings for work food.

    I make a lot of pumpkin curries with either chicken, porc or goat. I make sometimes 4 or 5 servings of roast chicken then freeze them, grab a big ass salad and a chunk of frozen chicken and toss it in my bag to go, by lunch it is thawed and goes well cold on the salad.

    Boiled/baked eggs, make em by the dozen and keep em in the fridge so you can grab 4 for snacks or breakfast when you are hungry. I head to work at 7 30 and who wants to eat that early. I normally eat them round 10 if I am hungry or as a snack.

    good luck, read everything you can and remember this is not just a diet. follow the rules and ask questions.
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    Hi! I just saw this and wanted to offer some encouragement. I started out super morbidly obese and I think I've made it to morbidly obese so I'm making progress. Seriously, I started around a year ago at over 518 lbs, facing more and more difficulties with my health and my mobility (right now I'm 320 or so with a long, long journey still ahead of me but I can move and function again and largely have my life back). I was still working but getting out of bed and moving around every day was hell. I had terrible back pain all the time and walking from my front door to my car in my own drive way had me out of breath. I was pretty much the picture of rock bottom.

    So first I just started with basic calorie restriction, then after a few weeks I pretty much went into the primal/paleo thing. I was losing weight just with calorie restriction but once I added the primal stuff things really came together for me and the weight started coming off and I started feeling better and better.

    I waver between being somewhat obsessive (aren't we all here) and trying to actively NOT be obsessive and to just eat good food (I don't eat grain or legumes, do eat dairy).

    If you really want to get into it to maximize your results I recommend using a tracker and figuring out what macro breakdown and calorie level works for you. For me, calories do count, and I do count them. I found a sweet spot macro breakdown of about 50 percent fat 25percent protein 25 percent carbs. I feel really content and satisfied and lose weight pretty consistently when I stay around those macros.

    I usually eat two meals a day, but it's not your typical intermittent fasting schedule, and it didn't evolve for fasting reasons, it's just because my job is insane and I can't get a lunch break in and a few years ago decided to just stop trying. So even while I was gaining weight like crazy I almost never ate lunch and I don't even ever get hungry or feel like eating at work and it saves me the bother of packing food and taking time to eat so I just keep skipping it.

    I am pretty regimented in my food intake. I usually have eggs cooked in butter, some cheese and a bunch of veggies for breakfast. Dinner I have some meat (could be anything...grass fed beef, poultry, fish, pork, whatever) and another bunch of veggies, avocado, frequently some acorn squash or carrots or something, once or twice a week some sweet potato, and a couple teaspoons to a tablespoon of fat. I don't snack. Sometimes if I'm really busy I just have yogurt, almond butter and fruit for a meal but that's only a couple times a week. My meals are ridiculously simple and easy to prepare. Sometimes when I'm off and have time I try more complex recipes or throw stuff in the crock pot but most stuff I make I can prepare start to finish pretty quickly.

    I agree with the person who said focus on walking when you're starting out. Just walking a lot has helped me quite a bit.

    Anyway, good luck. It doesn't matter where you're starting out at, you will be surprised at the huge changes you can make in the quality of your life..

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    I am in awe of those who have lost such large amounts of weight. That takes a level of commitment and strength very few have. I have been overweight my entire life and average 215-220 from early 2007 to 2012(before that I was around 190 for some time) I have lost about 40 lbs and consider that an accomplishment and have another 40 or so to go and consider that a struggle. You are all amazing and an inspiration. Thank you!!
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs

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    Simple, slow and plan.

    Simple: Dont rush out and buy a ton of expensive stuff that you may not eat that will go bad fast. Dont try complicated exercises. Dont get caught up in the paleo supplement crazy. Learn what to avoid and other choices will become apparent.

    Slow: Dont expect massive results for a little while, but expect to feel better in a month. First become fat-adapted. Second, Bring down the years of inflammation with proper diet, rest, exercise reduced stress. Third, slow improvement of the three aspects of PB fitness: increasing your slow movement, faster harder sprinting, increasing heavy lifts.

    Plan: Dont run out of food that causes a simple carb binge. Know what you can eat a party. A little planning here and there add up fast.

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    Lots of good advice from others. My only addition is that if you struggle with irrational food cravings destroying your good efforts, I may have some good advice to offer. If not, carry on!

    Best of luck & strength to you. This is a WOE for life for me.
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